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(written for a one word prompt on a slip of paper at my old writing group.)



Strong but light

Not like iron

Nor even stainless steel.



It’s the modern metal.

Should we (and could we) imagine

A world made out

Of aluminium?


Or would that be fooling ourselves?

Like cheating in chess and

hoping the judging computer

Won’t catch you.

(You know it will.

It’s aluminium after all).


Nothing can be perfect.

Or rather,

there’s a perfect we can never recreate for ourselves.

With ourselves.

From our selves.


We aren’t aluminium.

Friends, Romans, Countrymen:

I call wordpress a world, now, off in the invisible reaches of virtual spheres; suitably, contributors here shall be my countrymen. Of course that makes sense. The Romans part is questionable, though…

So, fer serious, giyz. I’m a sometimes-writer, sometimes-artist, often-student and also often-braindead, and will be a primary co-editor/admin here (along with Joseph, who will be posting as the Sootyfoot himself). I’m also trying to start up a daughter cell blog via mitosis — where I’ll collect and share on-topic art when I find it.


As co-editor, I feel it is my responsibility to encourage posts. Thus I shall offer cookies. They’re good cookies.

I’ll also be contributing my own writing here, when I manage to produce some. We rely on you, though, so get over here and/or there and get to work!



Welcome to our community. Enjoy your stay here, and feel free to add comments. We appreciate your opinions and shall endeavor to give you something to enjoy.

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