All that could be heard was the drip-drip of the tap.

The room was barely lit; all she had afforded herself was moon-light. Glancing around the room, eyes not watching the spider that slowly crept towards her. It was a small hairy thing, all legs and not much else. She sat down on the toilet seat, staring at her half-formed shade, and thought of her father. Gone were the days when the easy, without a care days of youth, had afford them long moments spent just talking. But he had been insistent, and that was that.

Lost in thoughts of the past, she did not become aware of something on her body until it had found its way up onto her forearm. She stared at the thing, feeling only partially disgusted at it, but her revulsion was small in comparison to people she knew. Arachnophobia was one phobia she could not claim to have, thankfully.

Muttering to herself, she bent her finger back, she positioned and aimed at the spider, and flicked the creature across the bathroom. Her eyes followed it’s path, watching in a weird fascination as it landed on the floor agilely. It seemed to stare back at her in challenge, waiting the next step; the next move.

A tiny laugh escaped from her, as she thought of her sister and her trepidation of these hairy little fellows. Such a silly thing it was, to fear them as she did. No doubt her sister would have cried and ran out of the room in fear. Her father would then quickly follow in, doddering and compliant, and he would squish it’s life out in a heart-beat. Ah, but if I asked for assistance, even in something so small, he would breath back to life in full-force. Gone would be his doddering nature, that he had adopted in the middle of his life, replaced by wonderful youthful vitality. Fed by anger and filled with disenchantment.

Embarrassed by her thoughts, she dipped her head down and tried to shut them away. A quaking sound came from the plug-hole of her bathtub. The lid popped up, and a couple of spiders came up through the holes, and peeked around. Scouting the area? She wondered, idly to herself. Their multiple eyes spotted and latched onto her, quickly. They seemed to take some strange interest in her, like the others, and patiently moved in her direction. Taking slow steps, all the while eyeing her with their unkind eyes.

She thought quietly of their vision and what she had read about it. More preceded those, a massive surge squeezing their flexible bodies through the tiny gaps. She glanced at the door, wanton emotions rising. Help, a tiny part of her mind whimpered. Instead her eyes stayed on the little creatures and she thought of the hair on their bodies, and them crawling over her.

She stood up and got off the toilet, defiantly meeting the spiders half-way. They moved out in a wide-position, and she tried to squish as many of them as she could. Uncaring about her bare-feet and how filthy it was to be doing this. Meanwhile, a swarm ran up her legs and up her body. Squealing, she futilely tried to rid herself of the ones that had found purchase and ascended. She was successful in removing all of the ones she noticed and thought she was free of them for a very brief moment.

Until she dimly realised an entire squad of the furry bastards were beginning to swarm her body. Moving collectively towards her, over her, helping her mind creep closer to despair. She twisted and swung her legs around, shaking, startled and enraged at the same time. Batting at herself, she succeeded in shaking some off, however she was unable to clear them all from her small figure.

Her ears twitched at the sounds coming from the rest of the room. Eggs hatched, that had not been there before, and new spiders poured out. Please! Her mind cried, in fear. A small section of her brain laughed at the absurdity of it all, hoping she would remember how terrible this was. Think of this, and scream. Weep, memorise. And she did.

Terror increasing to unthought-of levels, they began biting and piercing her skin. She howled louder and ran into the shower. Turning the power-on, she turned around and reached for the shower-head, bringing it close. As the water started to funnel out, she blinked and forced the shower-head down, baring it against her pursuers. Unfortunately they clung determinedly to her. Grimly digging in and refusing to let, despite the absurd amount of heated water pouring forth from the shower-head that she was directing at the creatures.

Shadows cloaked the small shower, blocking any light from shining into the shower to give her guidance. She sobbed as the shower looked to be packed to the walls with the furry insects, despite her attempts to remove them. No, no. Her pleas went unheard, as she rocked with the constant pressure and she fell to the floor of the shower. The spiders seemed to converge upon her with renewed vigour, pleased with her weakness and sensing victory. They covered her figure in the hundreds, and many more, until she was nothing else than an unseen heap. Cloaked and covered completely by the dark swarm.

Every now and then, the small mound shakes and you can hear a quiet moan and sob escape. Nothing more. The room darkens and the moonlight winks out. Forever gone.