Friends, Romans, Countrymen:

I call wordpress a world, now, off in the invisible reaches of virtual spheres; suitably, contributors here shall be my countrymen. Of course that makes sense. The Romans part is questionable, though…

So, fer serious, giyz. I’m a sometimes-writer, sometimes-artist, often-student and also often-braindead, and will be a primary co-editor/admin here (along with Joseph, who will be posting as the Sootyfoot himself). I’m also trying to start up a daughter cell blog via mitosis — where I’ll collect and share on-topic art when I find it.


As co-editor, I feel it is my responsibility to encourage posts. Thus I shall offer cookies. They’re good cookies.

I’ll also be contributing my own writing here, when I manage to produce some. We rely on you, though, so get over here and/or there and get to work!