Time was, I’d go about talking to you, the audience, in a nice, friendly manner. After all, this is my introduction to this lovely blog and first impressions are what matter. Right? Well, to hell with that.

My name is James, and I pretend to write. Mostly I spend my time finding ways to prevent myself from pretending to write and I am successful at it. I have been invited here because I tend to do a passable job when I fail at procrastination or so people tend to say. I will let you, my grand audience, have the final say in the matter.

My fiction falls across the spectrum when it comes to genre, a majority places itself firmly in Fantasy’s corner, while the rest just wander about and loiter near shopfronts. I am not family friendly. This is your first warning, there may be more to come. I’ve a set of fingers with a penchant for typing out foul words and a mind that loves disturbing material and both lend to writing that is meant for mature audiences. As it so happens, I am also fond of stories that do not end on a positive note. My stories rarely ever end happily.

That is all you really need to know, though I may have more to tell you later. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to discover this blog and read this rather terrible introduction. May you enjoy what I have to offer. If not, well…

[Expletive Deleted] off.