Greetings readers

You may be wondering what this is that you’re reading. It’s an attempt at something our writers feel has, to this point, been left overlooked by other bloggers out there. We will not be focussing on eclipsing others, or making this into a competition of some sort. Our main goal is to write in a free-fashion – for the love of it – and out of a sense of promoting human themes through what we write. No matter how dark and overbearing. Or too light and quirky.

Footprints on the page‘ will work as a both a centre for snippets, and longer pieces of writing, on occasion, as well as rare book reviews and perhaps non-fiction, if it relates.

We heartily welcome contributions from others. I’d like the style to be similar to my own and my fellow writers literary interests, that is: Spec-Fic.

We will not be focusing on any one medium, genre or area essentially. But our intent is to explore the weird, the surreal, the fantastical. As far as the ‘reviews’ go, it’ll be be things that grab us and speak to us in a rare and enigmatic way, unlike most other things. What the individual that is posting the piece likes – something that strikes them deeply.

The blog posts will be worded in a concise and quick-to-read fashion. We will always accept writers/contributors, to a point, and take into consideration every one that makes themselves available, giving them a fair and reasonable chance of joining us.

This blog will not operate under a running theme, though this may change on special occasions. If enough interest is displayed, we’ll deliver.

Footprints on the page’ is an evolving multi-blogger project.

Thank you for your time,

We hope you stay with us, to see what we produce.